Conducting surveillance allows licensed private investigators to gather intelligence/information and document evidence for our clients. Our licensed Investigators utilize a variety of technology from cameras, hidden cameras, camcorders and so on while gathering information. We also use various tactics to avoid being detected by those who are under surveillance.


Reasons one may hire a private investigator vary, but may include the following scenarios:


-Child Custody Cases


-Missing Persons

-Insurance Fraud Investigations

-Loss Prevention and/or Employee Theft

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Service of Process

Our team at Forefront Investigations also offers service of legal process for any type of legal document. Our process servers are registered and bonded. We understand the need for expediency and confidentiality. 


In addition, we accept cases where individuals may be difficult to locate, and are able to conduct skip tracing and surveillance for those who are evasive.  

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Comprehensive Background Checks

   Protect yourself and your family

The information Forefront Investigations may discover can help you make a more informed decision on who you and/or your family spend time with. We can locate information you seek which individuals may have omitted. We legally collect the information you seek in a confidential manner by utilizing a variety of databases. Depending on the type of information you are seeking, a background check may reveal current/past employment history, marital records, criminal records, academic history, civil records, professional qualifications, social media presence and more. 


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