Our Services

Investigative Services

Forefront Investigations provides free, confidential investigative consulting to all our clients. We conduct a thorough case evaluation, gathering all pertinent information. After we have completed the consultation, we create a customized investigative plan and provide review proposal.

With our investigative resources, we've gained the reputation for being the best Private Investigation Firm in San Diego. From undercover investigations to background checks, we private a whole array of services designed to help you find the answers you seek. As a responsible firm, we provide timely and accurate results to our clients, A combination of skilled experts and the latest technology is the reason Forefront Investigations is able go guarantee the best possible outcome for each case we take on.


Our skilled private investigators have access to databases that will be utilized to gather information and help guide us during our investigation. In addition, we utilize devices such as hidden cameras, camcorders, GPS tracking devices and long-distance cameras for surveillance operations and investigations. We also use various tactics to avoid being detected by those who are under surveillance. As a female owned and operated private investigative company, we find that female private investigators are less conspicuous during surveillance. Thus, allowing females to go undetected while conducting surveillance operations. 

  • Infidelity Investigation

  • Child Custody/Visitation Investigations 

  • Cohabitation Investigations

  • Missing Persons

  •  “Skip trace”-Person Locates

  • Insurance Fraud Investigations

  • Loss Prevention and/or Employee Theft (Undercover Operations)

  • Personal Injury Investigations

  • Workers Compensation Investigations

  • Witness locates and Interviews

  • Premise Liability Investigations

  • Social Media/Open-Source Investigations

We recommend that our clients connect with an attorney who can advise them on specific needs and/or information that would be of benefit to their case.

Our services are offered throughout the state of California. We have a wide reaching network of talented private investigators to assist us in any case. 

Service of Process

Our team at Forefront Investigations also offers service of legal process.  As licensed private investigators and bonded process servers, we can serve any type of legal document. 


The advantage to hiring a private investigator over someone who is solely a process server is that we have access to a variety of data bases that allow us to conduct extensive background investigations or skip tracing/locates. This enables us to have the most up to date information to ensure service of process. We are also skilled at stakeouts and surveillances for those individuals who may be difficult to locate and serve. 


We also understand the need for expediency and confidentiality. Our customizable approach allows our clients more flexibility with their cases. 

Registered Process Server PS-3484

Background Checks

Protect Yourself and Your Family.

The information and evidence we may discover while conducting a background check may help you make a more informed decision on who you and/or your family spend time with. We have the ability to locate information and evidence you seek which individuals may have omitted. We legally and confidentially collect the information and evidence you need by utilizing a variety of databases and visiting court houses to pull criminal records. Depending on the type of information you are seeking, a background check may reveal current/past employment history, assets, marital records, criminal records, academic history, civil records, professional qualifications, social media presence and more.